Tetco UAE

About Us


An essential company to have in your supplier toolbox.

TETCO is a registered contractor with ETISALAT in the U.A.E, for installation of telecom infrastructure.

Over 7 years of experience

In implementing Low Voltage Infrastructure for various government as well as private entities throughout U.A.E.

Partner with regional system integrators

To complement them, in various ITS and Security infrastructure projects for various end-users.


Our workforce and our engineering team are capable of undertaking projects on multiple scale superseding end user expectations by delivering quality work on schedule.

Maintaining efficient standards

We believe in maintaining efficient standards, that meets regulations as well deliver quality, while minimizing the allocated budget. Helping to improve customer KPIs in an efficient manner.


The United Arab Emirates is a country with an unlimited potential and a vibrant vision – “Strength through Unity”.

In line with this vision, the U.A.E’s horizon is unlimited. Situated in the heart of Asia and home to over 70 nationalities, it is one of the most exciting economies in the world.

As a company over 7 years in the U.A.E, we understand the need for sustainable infrastructure. Our objective is to provide sustainable solutions through exploring advancements in age old techniques.

TETCO strives to make infrastructure development cost effective and sustainable for the end user. Our synergy with various principles across the globe helps us to find a unique solution to the specific need of the end client.

TETCO – Sustainability and safety

“In for the Long Haul”

Reputation is key to every business. It’s a reflection of the industry it belongs to, and also affects the customer it serves. We base our procurement on stringent quality supervision, and evaluate new suppliers through a tough quality management system.

We study and procure materials that we source by constantly improving our methodology, as we strive to make the products and services we offer of higher quality, sustainable, efficient and safe for the end user.

~ Safety 1st ~ Every TETCO staff and supplier should maintain the safety and sustainability standards set forth in our company policy.