Tetco UAE

Sustainability Policy

We are committed to the well-being of society and preservation of the environment, while addressing the economic expectations of our shareholders. We are providing civil and telecommunication contracting and we conduct our business within the framework of or vision and mission, and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.

TETCO management endorses the following sustainability elements:

People: Social Responsibility

  • Pursuing a goal of no harm to people and society
  • Promoting the health and welfare of our people and the communities where we operate
  • Building diverse and multicultural human capabilities and creating opportunities for individual growth
  • Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and social initiatives within the industry and society

Planet: Environmental Stewardship

  • Addressing global challenges, such as climate change, water, food, energy, healthcare and waste, with innovative solutions
  • Minimising waste and emissions, enhancing energy performance and optimizing the use of natural resources, especially water
  • ensuring that energy performance improvements are considered throughout the duration of the intended lifecycle of our assets
  • Optimising the positive health, safety, environmental, energy and societal impacts of our contracting works throughout their lifecycle Profit: Economic Growth
  • Enhancing the reputation of TETCO and the image of the contracting industry
  • Establishing appropriate security measures against identified vulnerabilities

Our commitment to this Sustainability Policy is demonstrated through leadership and effective communication, a proactive sustainability performance culture supported by monitoring and reporting systems, and continuous investment in our people and assets.